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  Kachina Anastasiya. Persimmon
Kachina  Anastasiya. Persimmon

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March 24, 2018 12 - 4 PM presentation artworks by Oleksandr Gladkiy and Yulia Gladka

Place: Main Avenue Galleria, 57 Main Avenue Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

Art Kalina is proud to represent talented artists from East Europe. Bright fresh ideas, views, interpretations will present. 
Experience the lively, inspirational and exciting atmosphere of an presentation.




Molodykh   Konstantin  


Day of entry: 2015-08-13

Amount of works: 20

Rating : 4612

Molodykh Konstantin Stanislavovich

Konstantin is a famous painter from Saint Petersburg, a master of realist painting.

He was born in 1983 in the family of an outstanding Soviet and Russian painter Stanislav Semionovich Molodykh who is a member of Petrovskaya Academy of Arts and Sciences and the author of such spectacular historical paintings as “Pugachev's Rebellion”, “Russian riot”, “Alexander Nevsky at the Batu Khan headquarters”.

Konstantin took drawing courses and pre-study courses in the Academy of Arts. In 2001 he entered the faculty of painting of I.Repin Saint Petersburg State Academy Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture (The Academy of Arts). During the first years of his studies Konstantin trained with the dean A.V. Chuvin and the main painter of the city I.G. Uralov, later he entered the workshop of O.A. Eremeev and trained there with A.N. Bliok as well.

Even at the time of his studies Konstantin Molodykh started to be actively involved in artistic life of Saint Petersburg and Russia and took part in many art exhibits in the city and abroad. The painter was awarded with a prize and a medal by the student union of I.Repin Saint Petersburg State Academy Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture (The Academy of Arts) for his high exhibition activities. Konstantin was awarded with a travel to I.Repin Academicheskaya Dacha (the oldest and well-known creative base of the Artists Union of Russia) in Vyshny Volochyok for his graduation work “Temple”.

In 2007, having graduated from the Academy of Arts, Konstantin Molodykh became and still is a member of Saint Petersburg Artists Union.

The painter’s desire to share his knowledge and experience with others urged him to start to teach: from 2008 to 2011 he held classes in a private school of painting and drawing “ArtMir”, and since 2009 he has taken up a position as a senior teacher at the drawing department of Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry.

Today Konstantin Molodykh is a professional painter whose art combines the best traditions of Russian realist painting and the achievements of modern art. Though he doesn’t stop the searching of new artistic solutions, he adheres to the national school traditions when it comes to the quality of his works, the entirety and expression of the visual symbolism. The paintings of various genres are amongst his best works: landscapes, still-life paintings, portraits, thematic compositions (“Temple”, “After the rain”, “Calvados”, “Apples in red”, “Parallels”, “Portrait of Anna”). Konstantin’s works are exhibited in museums, galleries and private collections in the USA, China, France, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.


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